Our attitude and business relation with our clients is determined by specific guidelines:
We are independent, working for mid-sized clientele, highly qualified and strictly devoted to service – from the start.


The work for our clients is focused on compulsory, wide-range and in-depth conceptional advice. We are collecting information to take an informed decision which will be implemented in the cooperation with you.


It is our aim to assist our clients professionally in the field of economic and tax issues by expanding horizons, thinking beyond established limits and open new vistas.


We pride ourselves in implementing our clients’ ideas in the same way as we would handle ours. Therefor we have established a team which is convincing due to its multiple professional skills as well as its composition: our office is supporting the potential of young academics and at the same time is counting on the expertise and skill of long-term employees.


We get involved in the same way with the projects of established top-class appointments of long-term clients as we support founders to make their first steps into business - as more than 30 years ago we ourselves were among this group. We know the view and course of action of mid-sized enterprises and we are therefor able to give excellent and efficient advice to this group.